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Home Care Combo

(6 customer reviews)

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Dishwash (Lemon) 500ml, Floor Cleaner (Pine) 500 ml, Handwash (Lavender) 500 ml & Toilet Cleaner (Floral) 500 ml.

Product Details:
Dishwash : Fresh Fragrance, Soft on hands and tough on grease & Easy Rinse.
Floor Cleaner: Kills germs, Superior Long lasting Fragrance & Effective Formula.
Handwash : Moisturizing & Kills germs.
Toilet Cleaner : 5 in 1 – Removes Tough Stains, Kills Germs, Fresh Fragrance, Sparkling shine & Odour Control.

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6 reviews for Home Care Combo

  1. Ranjini Kumar (verified owner)

    Floor Cleaner fragrance is amazing, Package is completely worth the money, Would highly recommend !!

  2. Sheela Rani (verified owner)

    Truly love the product. The fragrance is amazing. Really worthy. Must give it a try.

  3. Charitha Raj (verified owner)

    Floor cleaner is too cool. Never used such a fragrance. Hand wash smells good in hands. Appreciate the fragrance selected. Toilet cleaner cleans the stains as expected. Dish washer smells too good. Keeps mind fresh while cleaning vessels as the last task of the day. Good that I selected this product for daily use. Very well recommended.

  4. Kishonica JH (verified owner)

    The fragrance of floor cleaner is amazing its refreshing on each and every use.This combo is literally the best and worth buying it.Just go for it without giving a second thought.

  5. roselin17christy (verified owner)

    Floor Cleaner – Tiles get shiny after one use and fragrance is also long lasting amazing. Toilet Cleaner – This is a good product, Does its job anywhere in the bathroom except on wall tiles. Dishwashing liquid – This gel takes washing dishes to the next level – the fragrance is just top notch. Handwashing liquid – it cleans and moisturize after the wash and the fragrance is also good.

  6. jancy5star (verified owner)

    Excellent product and on time and safe delivery…

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SODEX DISHWASHING LIQUID is specially formulated high foaming surfactans with low skin irritation and intensified grease-cutting power for faster and more efficient removal of grease, fats and oils in dishes, pots and other kitchen utensils. It comes in many varieties. Sodex Dishwashing Liquid is used in industrial, household kitchens, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and in commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels, motels, etc

Floor Cleaner:
SODEX FLOOR CLEANER is a liquid blend of Non-Ionics with disinfectant ingredients suitable for easy and efficient cleaning with sanitization. Sodex Floor Cleaner easily removes the Dirt, grease and grime without tedious scrubbing. Simply spray on or wipe onto the surface to be cleaned, rinse and wipe clean. The penetrating agents in the detergent quickly loosen the toughest soil.

SODEX HAND LIQUID SOAP, luxurious creamy hand soap with moiturizing agent & pleasent fragnance, a few drops gives you a rich creamy lather that quickly removes grease, grime, and soil, leaving hands clean, smooth, conditioned, and smelling fresh.

Toilet Cleaner:
SODEX TOILET CLEANER is a highly acidic liquid suitable for cleaning & removal of stains, lime scales from tiles, urinals, and toilet bowls and leaves the surface clean & shine. It kills bacteria removes bad odor and gives fresh fragrance after application.

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Weight2000 g
Dimensions16 × 10 × 21 cm